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Founded in 2018 by solid state physics research scientists, Biarsis aims to produce affordable UV-VIS-NIR spectrometers and related light sources. Company is awarded by Turkish Scientific Research Authority (TUBITAK) for a no-return entrepreneurship grand. After 6 months of founding the Biarsis, the project is accepted to a Royal Academy of Engineering, Leaders in Innovation Fellowship program.

After the fiirst year of operation, we're proud to finish our first prototypes:

  • Argus 1000 Spectrometer: A 3648 pixel compact USB spectrometer with Thorlabs optics.
  • Argus 1200 Spectrometer: A 3648 pixel compact low-stray light USB spectrometer with Thorlabs optics Aluminum with unibody case.
  • IRIS Software: A Spectral acquisition, drawing and analysis software for Argus Spectrometer.
  • Dragon H35 Light Source: A Tungsten-Halogen light source for UV-VIS-NIR applications.

We have significant experience in the growth of semiconductor materials and also electrical, optical and structural characterization of these materials. We also have a knowledge on thin-film processing, building electronics and experimental setups. As Biarsis, we like to share our experience with academic and industrial researchers alike, and to make their research more efficient.