Affordable UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometers for Research: Argus 1000

Biarsis Argus 1000 Spectrometers are equipped with Hi-Res dedector which enables scientific grade measurement. Argus 1000 Spectrometers are using Thorlabs optics for better optical properties.

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Argus 1200

Argus 1200 Spectrometer

Our newest spectrometer with the lowest noise, with monolithic body, matte black anodizing coating of inner and outer parts.

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IRIS Software for Argus

All Argus Spectrometers are packed with a spectrum acquisition, drawing and analysis package software called: IRIS. 

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Dragon is Enough for All Needs

Dragon Light Sources with Tungsten-Halogen or Deuterium lamps will meet all your needs for UV-VIS-NIR applications.  All Dragon Light Sources are providing adjustable and stable light intensities.

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Amsterdam Modeling Suite

Making Computational Chemistry Work For You

Advance your research with our excellent computational chemistry software, easy to use, and supported by experts!

Biarsis Ltd is authorized reseller for SCM software (ADF, BAND, DFTB, ReaxFF, MOPAC, COSMO-RS, PLAMS, GUI ve AMS driver) in Turkey.