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October 2019

  • We are migrating our IT systems to Google. Because nearly whole process is manual, there can be downtimes. Please try again for any unanswered emails or problems on our website. We will be happy to be informed about any problems. We will fix any possible problems as soon as possible. We are sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
  • Argus Spectrometers, IRIS Software and Dragon Light Sources as a product that emerged, our company carried out "Industrial and Scientific Purposes Ultraviolet-Visible infrared infrared infrared spectrometer production" titled TÜBİTAK project as of October 1, 2019 with success in accordance with the budget and the legal deadline. Ending process of the project is continuing.

September 2019

  • New bug hunting version of Iris Software with a first major version increment. Version 1.o5 is released. Four major and minor bugs are fixed.
  • Our MOCA project, which will be carried out between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020, has been accepted by Teknopark Ankara.

August 2019

  • Biarsis received the Turkey distributing rights of the Amsterdam Modeling Suite software which is owned by SCM (Software for Chemistry and Materials B.V. Netherlands).
  • We received our first Argus Spectrometer pre-order!

July 2019

  • Our new website is now online in both English and Turkish Languages. It is more stable, clean, loaded with information.

June 2019

  • This month's the last release is the version 0.82. With this release, IRIS is gaining analysis features now! IRIS can calculate mean values, slopes of taken spectra and can find peak!
  • Version 0.80 of IRIS is released. This is a major update and many new features are added. Please refer Release Notes of IRIS for more information.
  • A minor update for a major bug hunting (an important data shifting error is corrected) in IRIS. New version is called version 0.74.

May 2019

  • We are happy to announce a new major update for IRIS. We have many improvements and corrections on this version 0.72. Please refer Release Notes of IRIS for more information.

March 2019

  • Long time passed after the last version of IRIS. We are working hard on IRIS. Many improvement were done. Most important feature that IRIS has running on our own hardware! IRIS can acquire data from Argus electronics! We have many new features and many repaired bugs on the new version 0.57 of IRIS. More information can be found on Release Notes of IRIS.

October 2018

  • For the first time, we can run a spectrometer continuously in version 0.16 of IRIS Software
  • Calibration system is initialized in version 0.15 of IRIS Software.
  • First data pulled from another brand spectrometer in version 0.11 of IRIS!
  • is taken and all information about the TUBITAK project and company will be listed on this site.

September 2018

  • Version 0.07 is now running in our computers with first successful spectrum loading!
  • First runnable built of IRIS software is ready. Version 0.05 is built under Windows OS. However, final version of IRIS can be also run on Linux and macOS.
  • We've start to work on spectral acquisition and analysis software for the spectrometer that we work on. It will called IRIS.
  • Biarsis is started to work at Teknopark Ankara.

August 2018

  • Our start-up company plan for building UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer is financially supported by TUBITAK! This year, TUBITAK received 3323 entrepreneurial business ideas for the Phase 0. Then after, 1438 entrepreneurs from these applications received Phase I support. Of these entrepreneurs prepared by the related organizations in their technical and business development areas, 422 were accepted for panel evaluations in accordance with the application requirements. TUBİTAK conducted by the academicians, industrialists and investors of the panel evaluation of the results of the 146 entrepreneurs were eligible to pass Phase II (result). Our company is one of them! Next month we will start to work!